A.I. Enhanced
Revenue Generation

No frills, no gimmicks, no staking, no vesting, and no ponzinomics.
Just hold $SOLV and earn $SOL automatically, airdropped weekly.
Current Stage: Seed Round
Softcap: $50,000
Hardcap: $160,000
Total Raised To Date: $68,349.32

Solvent's Groundbreaking

Sophisticated Sniper Bot Network

on the Solana blockchain

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$SOLV tokens will be airdropped upon launch.

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Profit Sharing
75% of bot generated profits go to $SOLV token holders, ensuring a sustainable and rewarding investment. $SOL profits are aidropped to $SOLV holders on a weekly basis.
Scaled Growth
25% of the profits are reinvested into the protocol, covering infrastructure, management, and marketing efforts.
Long Term Vision
Our network of sniper bots is designed to analyze the market meticulously, executing transactions with precision to capitalize on fleeting opportunities.
Investing in Solvent means more than just holding a token; it’s about being part of a community that values growth, sustainability, and mutual success.
Strong Partnerships
Initially funded by the VNTR DAO community and supported by DeFiMarketing.org, Solvent.app is set up for success.
Simple Tokenomics
$SOLV has a maximum supply of 1 Million tokens with 0% transaction taxes.

How It Works

AI Enhanced
MEV Driven
Sniper Bots

Live Dashboard Coming soon!

2024 Roadmap:

Q1 2024: Foundation and Development
Creation of Solvent Protocol: Established foundational documents, and protocol architecture.
Automated Trading Bot Development: Initiate algorithmic trading bot development focusing on high-performance strategies.
Bot Testing and Refinement: Implement comprehensive testing phases for reliability and performance optimization.
Market Backtesting and Strategy Refinement: Perform historical data analysis to refine trading strategies and implement effective market filters.
Website Development and Deployment: Launch an informative and user-friendly website detailing protocol mechanics, $SOLV tokenomics, and presale information.
$SOLV Token Presale/Fundraising Event: Conduct a presale event to distribute initial tokens and secure funding for future development.
Q2 2024: Launch and Initial Growth
Infrastructure Deployment: Deploy Validator infrastructure.
Initial Marketing Campaign: Execute targeted marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and attract early users.
Token Generation Event (TGE): Public launch of the $SOLV token on the Solana blockchain.
Staking to Validator Implementation: Enable 0% commission $SOL staking to validators, offering rewards and enhancing network security.
Trading Strategy Refinement and Addition: Continuously improve and diversify trading strategies for optimal performance.
MEV and Flash Bot Development and Testing: Begin the development and testing phases for Maximal Extractable Value (MeV) trading bot and Flash Bot.
Q3 2024: Expansion and Optimization
Further Infrastructure Deployment: Scale infrastructure to support an expanding user base and increased trading activity.
MEV Bot/Flash Bot Deployment: Integrate and deploy the MeV and Flash Bot trading bots within the protocol’s ecosystem.
Marketing Push: Intensify marketing efforts to capture a larger market share and educate potential users on the protocol's benefits.